466 / driving over bridges through fog




the nights + early mornings in portland have been beautifully blanketed in fog over the last week or so.  i love how everything feels like it is moving in slow motion.

here is an excerpt of a long-form guitar + tape loop improvisation that i recorded tonight.  on this recording i am using guitar, delay + reverb pedal and a reel to reel recorder as a tape echo.

i recommend listening to it on headphones while thinking of driving over bridges through fog.

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  1. it is easy to imagine the bridge with all around fog. im sitting in the back seat of the car and listening this track over and over again. like in the movie scene, i can see the variety of angles: left, right, back, from up [the whole bridge and my car] only what i can [i dont want this time] not see is the front of the path.

    great peace marcus!

    best, nkl

  2. Somehow, the piece affected me in a way that made me visualize scenes in Rome, driving along the bridges, the piazzas, walking by and admiring the incredible works of art, and night strolls on a rainy night. Very nice!

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