440 / new year, new dust



way back in 2009 i started a blog called dust breeding with two goals in mind… one was to post an entry documenting one creative project a day for 356 days (things like photography, music, visual art + field recording). the other was to use the year-long project as a creative catalyst to improve my own artistic practices. at the end of one year i succeeded in completing both goals and unintentionally wound up creating a detailed document of what turned out to be one of the most important years of my life. it was the year our daughter was born. it was a year filled with creativity + exploration. it was a year that i found out what a difference a supportive community of friends + total internet strangers can make.

after that first year was up, i continued to irregularly update the site with more entries but they slowed to a trickle and finally stopped on february 14th, 2013.  an archive of the original entries can be found here.

i am starting this all up again and hope to keep up with my daily entries like i did in 2009.


wish me luck.


here are some photos from a walk around smith + bybee lakes